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Lemonade & bananabread (bij PS! Koffie)
I bought the coolest shirt ever today. It says: “four boobs inc. Munching carpets since 2005” which is about right. Oh. It was in the guys department. What?!

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Going to take a picture of you! Smile!

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When I was born into this world,
I did not know anything about life.

As I grew up, my parents have showed the beauty of the world
and nature and life

They had painted pictures in my head
that this world is such a perfect place to live.

I was born into a family
where religion was the most…


'The cure of AIDS might have been on MH17'

Dude, ANYONE on that plane could be the person to perform some sort of miracle in their futures.

All lives are just as valued.

And all those lives are now lost.

Not just a group of scientists who might cure a disease.

Hell, one of those babies could have been the new Nelson Mandela for all we know.

But we’ll never know.

Stop acting as if one passenger is more important than the other.

codenamefauna asked: Anybody got any advice I haven't shaved in over a year but my family keeps giving me shit about and dad keeps "you don't want people to think your a hippie or a femist do you" and FAM keeps saying that I have to shave and dad says I have to conform.


Is your dad not a feminist? Does he not support your mother and her ideals, and her freedom? No? Then I believe your legs need to stay unshaved.

pocabu asked: a dutch news website made an article about this blog and all comments i saw were shit like 'gross' 'awful' 'im gonna puke' and 'these women should be ashamed' and i'm just so ashamed to live in this fucking country. i love what you do, and i love everyone here on this blog. i wish more people would understand that there's nothing gross about not shaving


You’re not alone here in the U.S. SIIIGGHHH

My cat is trying to cool down..

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